Don’t Say Your Name is Jim if Your Name is Bob

Jim Gibson talks about phone systems, internet phone access systems, and PSTN office lines.

The beauty about this installment of the Telecommunications Basics series is that Jim brings to life the reality of phone installments in companies. All too often, business owners will assume that the phone system is an all encompassing, fully automated system– which it can be to some extent. However, when the phone is eventually answered by a human, that human on the other line should be well trained.  Trained enough, at least, to efficiently answer the phone in a manner that will please the customer on the other end of the line.

After all, good business is good when it is technically sound. Great business is reinforced by the amazing capabilities that the people behind the machines possess.

Still, a great system is very necessary. Toshiba Phones  are a a nice, simple choice that lasts a long time and is easy to use. The training of personnel is up to the boss.

Find out more here:

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