It’s Not A Noodle, You Guys

Do you ever wonder why you bought a particular cabling tool? Does it serve just one purpose and have you already figured out what that tool’s special purpose was? Good. Because that is what you purchased it for, right?

But what about the multitude of uses there are for that one particular gadget? All the little ways it can prove to be useful to you and your IT Profession? Why, Jim knows.

Being that he has been there, done that, and has not only “got the tee shirt” he now, ahem, will start selling them but Jim Gibson from Cable Supply is also sharing all of his little tricks o’ the trade, helping you out in a jam while in the field.

For instance,  the Fiberglass Fishing Rod and Push Pole. They are unassuming enough but are you even using the tool right? Are you pushing cable instead of pulling cable… while using a cabling pulling tool?


Jim demonstrates the various ways to use these items in the video below. Spoiler alert: If you are pushing a cable with a tool that is pristine and without a scratch on it, chances are, you’ve never cabled in your life.

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