Cabling a Building = Easy Peasy…

…for Jim Gibson and anyone who follows the standard of properly cabling a building, that is.

This video from Jim is a quick and easy to consume how-to video on how to cable the right way. Jim explains the cabling technique for a house. He also talks about how telephone transmission lines are nornally about half way down a telephone pole. These lines are separate from the high power lines, which are more dangerous and placed towards the top of telephone poles. Jim explains how a house uses what are called POTS lines. The acronym stands for Plain Old Telephone Service. These are also known as C.O. Lines, which can be loop-start, PRI, TI, etc. POTS is more of a general term. This type of equipment can also be know as CPE, which stands for Customer Premise Equipment. This is the equipment that the customer owns, not the phone company. In a housing setup you also have a small connection to the phone company called MPOE, or Minimum Point of Entry. This is also known as the Demarc or Demarcation, meaning that the end of the phone company’s responsibility ends at this point. All wiring beyond this point is the customer’s responsibility.

“It looked like a hairball out of a cat’s mouth!”
-Jim, recalling a poor cabling job.

Classic. Now get to watching this video and pick up tips on how to get the job done right and fast!

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