Telecommunication Basics: The Series to End All Series

Dun. Dun. Dun.

No, this is actually Part 2 of a very informative and entertaining video series starring the CEO and Owner of Cable Supply, Jim Gibson. If you haven’t “met” Jim, who stars in a number of Cable Supply educational and how-to IT videos, you will soon learn about it.

Jim has a wealth of knowledge accumulated over the years as one of the leaders in the IT professional world. Because of this, he shares his expertise on the Cable Supply youtube channel. Having an understanding of General Networking Equipment and the right equipment to use for each job is key to an on time and on budget install. It also improves the quality of the install. The last thing that a company wants to pay for is replacing cabling and switches because a tech didn’t make the proper precautions to ensure that a job is done right. The Neat Patch is a good example of a piece of equipment that will save you time and frustration. Having a giant mess of cables is bad for business.

Here’s Jim now in Part 2 of Telecommunications Basics. In it, Jim talks about a number of things and one of the interesting tidbits is surprisingly cool: His is one of the American households that did away with the house landline. He only uses a cell phone. “Times change. Technology changes.”

Check out the video to learn about Telecommunication history and basics from someone who has lived through it all.

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