Hubs Versus Switches

Rarely do we ever think about the amazingly intricate system from which our fast internet system comes. Sure, you plug the cord into the wall, outlet, the back of your device, and into another socket but then what happens? Do small creatures do a dance next to the wires and cords and suddenly your printer works?

No, of course not. So in case you were wondering exactly how it all comes together, you can sit back and watch another relaxing video on the differences between hubs and switches. This can give you the absolute answer you need in the case you find yourself explaining it all to your kid brother or inquisitive niece. “No, sweetie, there aren’t little animals that make the internet run. It’s a bit more complicated than that.”

And then pop in the story of Hubs vs. Switches starring Jim Gibson. Wait until Pixar gets ahold of this.

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