The NSA Has Secretly Developed The ‘Bigfoot’ Of Computer Hacks

Yetti Bigfoot Sasquatch

So it turns out that the NSA has weaponized radio waves in its effort to hack into computers that are isolated from the web.

From a computer security perspective, the most important detail in a report by David E. Sanger and Thom Shanker of The New York Times on the NSA exploiting nearly 100,000 computers around the world is that some of those computers communicate with the Agency despite not being connected to the Internet.

While most of these computers were infected through networked attacks, some were reached physically through thumb drive transmission (by spies or unwitting accomplices) or intercepted hardware. 

Once the NSA breached these computers, it was able to spy on them and transmit malware through radio waves.

Reaching non-networked computers in the first place is called “jumping the air gap.” Continuing to interact with these computers through acoustics takes that feat to a new level.

The Times…

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