3 Reasons Why Wearing Tech Won’t Affect Telecommunications. Not even a little bit.



Wearable Technology
Wearable Trends and Cable Supply

CES is happening in Las Vegas and Cable Supply didn’t go. Bummer. But we get a front row seat every morning called the Internet and wow is this exciting!

For everyone else.

Because the thing of the matter is that while wearables (as those “in-the-know” are referring to them, ahem, like “Bob” instead of Robert Di Nero) are great for so many people, we’re not too convinced we can use this type of technology on a regular basis if at all here at Cable Supply.

Oh, as individuals, sure. We love the idea of having technology at our fingertips, on an intuitive level. Sitting in traffic and being able to know if you’re inhaling carbon monoxide is extremely helpful and lifesaving. On second thought, perhaps our Cable Supply Technicians could use this.

But realistically, if we were to corner Jim Gibson and beg him to get us all a pair of Google Glass so that we might better break down boxes for shipment and discuss SEO on the wordpress machine, we’d have to come up with some amazing reasons why.

But all we could come up with is 5 Reasons why we don’t need Wearable Technology in our field (yet, Jim!)

1. Dispatch is a people-person job. When a technician is out in the field, they need to know that there’s a person on the other end of their phone call, should they need anything. We’re almost certain Patrick doesn’t care what John’s body temperature is while he is sitting in the office. He just wants directions to the building.

2. No one cares about my mood. Not when I have blogs to write, SEO to implement, and social media to monitor. So having this would do nothing for anyone in the Cable Supply office. Cute, though. And no one even cares about that. Maybe Laura.

3. Installing cable is a very detailed gig. Your hands and wrists are twisting, turning, moving, and, well, installing. So, imagine, for a moment, your smartphone (we all have them now) is strapped to your wrist. Now slam your wrist against a wall, a pole, a pipe, an IT vehicle. Oh, the possibilities of ruining a first generation smart watch are endless!

We could go on and on about why we don’t think we need to worry about this whole “wearable tech trend” thing.  But we won’t.  Who knows where this year will take Cable Supply. More importantly, who knows what our uniforms will look like next year.

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