How to Guide Cable Through a Wall

At Cable Supply, we make tons of how-to and informational videos. Not infomercials, mind you. Cable Supply is run by and made up of IT professionals who have years of hands-on industry experience. We don’t mess around in our garage making videos. We only sell things we use and we actually know how to use the things we sell.

Take John O’Hearn, for example. He worked as an electrician for roughly 2.5 years before moving on and becoming VP  of Sales here at Cable Supply. And still, the guy hasn’t gone rusty on us. Here he is in action. You see him on one side of the wall. Then on the other side of the wall. Then on top of a ladder. Then back down on the ground behind the wall. All the while he gives a detailed guide on how to use the D’versibit tool. And nothing is better than when you skip to minute 4:11 to see ultimate man vs. tool satisfaction written on his face.

This Greenlee D’Versibit tool is perfect for those pre-existing walls where you need to drill up into a data center or data room. Many IT professionals will agree that this is the best tool for navigating through tight areas. And don’t forget to stagger those cable wires.

Watch this video and visit our cable supply youtube channel for more information and instructional videos. Of course, the do-it-yourselfer at home can attempt these. But really, an IT professional who is used to these awesome installations would benefit greatly.

Or, you can watch 4:11 over and over again and call it a day.

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