How To Break into the IT Industry

Some important tips from Jim Gibson who has over 25 years of IT experience.

As a kid, if you found yourself tinkering with that gadget and this radio, you probably knew from an early age that you wanted to go into the world of technology.

And as you grew, your interest developed into a passion you wanted to turn into a career. All of those days and nights breaking down equipment and putting it back to together will have never gone to waste when you realize you can pursue a career in the Information Technology world.

So, now that you know what you want to do for a career, the only real concern you might have is: How.

There are a few ways to break into the world of IT . You can google it. There are 6 Tips on How to Break Into… well, anything. Some of the information is useful and some isn’t.

What is useful, however, is the very real-life, applicable experience that Jim Gibson of has to impart on all of you young whippersnappers who want take their interest in IT to the next level.

1. If you have no experience at all, it’s still okay. What most potential employers want to see is that you have a passion for the IT industry. Meaning, have you taken your interest in the IT world to any other level besides saying the words, “I want to work in IT”? Be able to show that you’ve researched it or that you are taking courses. Let your passion for IT come through by understanding and relating knowledgeable information. Talk about the fact that you’ve read, Network Plus or the CCNA book from Cisco.

2. Effort. When breaking into the IT industry, effort in learning all there is to learn about it shows. Employers can see  when you have a genuine interest or when you simply need a gig to pass the time.

3. Don’t be such a wise guy. Sure, you want to dig into the extremely complex and exciting world of IT. You want to bat with the big boys (who have been in IT since before you were born, mind you). Pump the breaks. Learn the basics and master that first. Cabling. Ask questions and learn cabling. Once you have the foundations of cabling, building codes, techniques, and the like, you can move on to the other disciplines.

4. So, you’ve learned some stuff. Great. Now’s your chance to shine. If you landed your first interview, congratulations. Wear a tie. You know your stuff and can recite terms and talk about the difference between crossover and twisted cables. Awesome. Wear a tie. You’re willing to work hard and even brought  a pen and a copy of your resume with you to the interview. Nice work. Wear a tie. Speaking of your resume, you had your nerdy smart sister proofread it for you and it is perfect. No typos or misspelled words. You’re this close to having that first job! Wear. A. Tie.

5. Be positive, honest, and work towards your ultimate goal of being the best IT professional you can be.

And you’ll be glad you did. The IT industry is always ready to have new generations of smart and passionate IT professionals. Jim says it best: “You’ll never hear about a starving IT professional. There’s always room for a skilled IT professional in America.”

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