Why Do You Buy Online?

shoping online
Online shopping

I just spent around $8,000 on a commercial quality video camera without looking the salesperson in the eye. We never shook hands and we never spoke about what our kids are up to these days. He didn’t give me a long sales pitch and he didn’t try to upsell me. I entered my credit card information to B&H.com and within a few days, I had a new piece of equipment. Just like that.

Sure, I did my research. I had a family member advise me on what type of camera I should get. Other than that, I was left to my own research. And where do you suppose I looked? Online. Reviews online. Not only on the camera itself but reviews on the best place to purchase said camera. It might not have been as thrilling as elbowing my way through a strip mall on a Saturday. Nor did it provide me with the rush one might get from mentally duking it out with a pushy sales guy.

It was none of that. It was easy. It was fast. It was…convenient.

And this is why I buy online and have been for over ten years.

Consider the latest online shopping stats. We just had Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and now Cyber Monday. Year-Over-Year, the Black Friday online sales increased by 17.5%. The brick and mortar sales went down by 3%. Oh, just 3%? Well, that translates to 4 billion lost in revenue since last year.

Here’s more:
Cyber Monday on Amazon was up by 44%, Ebay up buy 32%
Paypal payments from mobile devices went up by 500%

Shopping and buying online isn’t something that will go away. 20% of all total sales at the retailer Target from iPads alone is an indication of where the future of purchasing is heading. I’d say we are on the right track in being a leader in ecommerce for telecommunications needs.

The fact is  that when you buy items online, you save time, money, stress, and can be certain  that you are going to get the exact style, color, quality, and brand you are paying for. Nothing could be clearer when the product specs are listed right there. Usually, if you do have a question, there is a way to contact the online retailer. This is helpful, but with attention detail that most good sites provide, you have all of the answers there for you.

In our 25+ years of experience in the telecommunications industry, we at CableSupply.com are confident that materials, equipment, and tools we market are of the best quality. Our competitors sell parts; we sell experience.

So why do you buy online? With secure, trustworthy sites that cut out ridiculous department store markups it’s easy to see why you’d buy online.

I suppose, then, that the bigger question is for the small majority out there: Why DON’T you buy online?

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